E-board Elections

Hi NSBE Family,

Last week, we created vision boards and accepted nominations for the E-Board! We will spend a little time reviewing our vision boards at our next meeting. We will resend the link to the virtual vision boards in separate email. So you can work on your vision board! The next meeting will be the E-board elections and the start of a fun engineering activity! Are you interested in being involved in leading this fun chapter? Run for an officer position on the Executive Board (E-board) for GA NSBE Jr. Chapter! The Advisors are here to support you.

On Sept. 21st, the elections for this year’s Executive Board (E-board) will be held and then the general calendar will soon be drafted by our new E-board.

If you have not already completed your 2022-23 membership registration and the 2022-23 GA NSBE Jr. Leaps and Bounds Tutoring Program registration, please complete both registrations prior to our next meeting.

If you have any questions, contact us.

We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday, September 21st for the Elections and the Engineering Activity.

Have a nice week,
The Advisors of the Greater Albuquerque NSBE Jr. Chapter