GA NSBE Newsletter 08-20-23

At our last meeting we made paper airplanes and announced the election for the Executive Board (E-board)! Next week we will collect the E-board nominations and have the What is Engineering workshop! The next chapter meeting is this Wednesday, August 23rd.

Are you interested in being involved in leading this fun chapter? Run for an officer position on the E-board for GA NSBE Jr.!  All five officer positions are available and all 5 positions must be elected to have an active chapter! The Advisors are here to support you. Please apply for one or more positions and find additional information on the Chapter Officer Interest form (see link below).  Elections will be held at the August 30th meeting.  

If you have not already completed your 2023-24 membership registration and the 2023-24 GA NSBE Jr. Leaps and Bounds Tutoring Program registration, please complete both registrations prior to our next meeting on August 23rd. 

Contact us for the links to these registration forms, Chapter Officer Interest Form, and other membership information.

If you have any questions, contact us.

We look forward to seeing you next Wednesday, August 23th at 6pm for the E-board Nominations and the What is Engineering workshop.